Certified Business Continuity Resilience Manager & Auditor Seminar (online instructor-led)


This highly recommended, intensive 5-day, 2-in-1 BC Management and Auditing seminar combines the CBRM & CBRA Seminars into one course.

The seminar is conducted over 5 days and divided into 2 parts:

Days 1-3: CBRM Seminar + Optional CBRM certification testing on Day 3

Days 4-5: CBRA Seminar + Optional CBRA certification testing on Day 5

Part 1 is a comprehensive Business Continuity planning and management workshop designed to teach practical methods to develop, test, and maintain a Business Continuity Plan. This Business Continuity training is based on industry` best practices and guidelines for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Emergency Management.

Part 2 is an in-depth training in the audits of BC programs, and it will enable you to become a BC auditor. Through this training you will be able to prepare your BC program for internal and external audits and also perform assessments of BC programs as an auditor.

Offered as an online instructor-led training + an optional online proctored certification exam


"I truly walked away from your course with a lot more knowledge about Business Continuity than I could have gained by just reading books. I have some experience in disaster recovery but never thought there was so much more to learn.  I am back at work utilizing everything you have taught and now I feel much more confident to do a Continuity pitch to my senior management. Thanks for a great experience."

Marlyne W. - GE 

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About CBRMA Seminar
CBRM (Certified Business Resilience Manager) is an authoritative manager of Business Resilience Certification. The CBRM has become a mark of excellence, competence, and achievement in Business Resilience and Continuity. With the rapidly growing demand for professionals who possess skills in Business Continuity and Resilience, the CBRM designation is the preferred certification program by both private and public organizations throughout the world. CBRM Certification exam is offered as a part of a 3-day CBRM Seminar.

Information about payment options:

Online Registration and Payment:

Or, contact us at 1-888-962-7224 or info@brcci.org



Upcoming dates and locations for CBRMA seminars:


Course Fee: US$1,995 special reduced COVID-19 price!! (including optional certification testing and processing)

Yes, this course can be held at your company site. If your company has a number of staff requiring training, take advantage of the cost savings of instructor-led training at your facilities. CONTACT US for details on the minimum number of students necessary and on-site course fees.


This course is intended for anyone with or without prior knowledge or experience in Business Continuity or auditing. Day 1 includes an overview of the BC program. You will greatly benefit from this course if you are a:

  • Business Continuity Coordinator
  • Business Continuity Auditor / Compliance Auditor
  • Information Security Auditor
  • Financial Auditor
  • Internal / external Business Continuity Auditor
  • Risk Management professional
  • Business Continuity Professional / Consultant
  • Senior Executive and Management
  • Emergency / Disaster Recovery Professional
The CBRMA class is also excellent for anyone who wants to:
  • Learn Business Continuity planning and program management.
  • Learn about audit concepts, principles, and a step-by-step audit methodology.
  • Become a Business Continuity Auditor.
  • Conduct an assessment of the Business Continuity Audit within their own organization.
  • Provide Business Continuity Audit consulting services.
  • Learn known difficulties and challenges expected during a Business Continuity Audit.


Students will learn how to:

  • Establish BC program lifecycle processes within their organization.
  • Assess business and technology requirements for a BC plan.
  • Evaluate business continuity risks to their organization.
  • Identify and select cost-effective BC recovery strategies.
  • Organize an effective BC team.
  • Develop a BC plan document.
  • Coordinate a BC Plan with external entities.
  • Develop an effective test plan for testing the BC plan.
  • Organize and conduct successful BC plan tests.
  • Establish a process for maintaining the BC plan.
  • Implement a BC plan change management process.
  • Avoid typical mistakes that lead to BC program failures.
  • Understand the main differences between a Disaster Recovery Plan, Emergency Response Plan, Crisis Management Plan, and a Business Continuity Plan.
  • Conduct a Business Continuity Audit based on a well-founded audit framework.
  • Review the organization’s Business Continuity Audit processes.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of a Business Continuity Audit.
  • Formulate recommendations to strengthen a Business Continuity Audit.
  • Avoid common auditing mistakes.
  • Follow a structured approach to a Business Continuity Audit.
  • Present and explain a Business Continuity Audit analysis to senior management.
  • Determine the level of corporate compliance against the industry`s audit standards, rules, and regulations.
  • Reduce risks, vulnerabilities, and operational losses in the event of a business disruption.
  • Reduce insurance premiums through compliance.
  • Improve client, partner, and supplier retention and relationships.
  • Increase control over internal/external Business Continuity processes.
  • Insure Business Continuity Program and Plan are reliable, effective, and on track.

Understand Business Continuity Planning (BCP) concepts.

  • Purpose and scope of a BCP.
  • Importance of Business Continuity Plan (BC Plan).
  • Types, sources, and business impacts of disasters and disruptive events.
  • Historical evolution of the BCP.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Business Continuity best practices, standards, and guidelines.
  • Elements of Business Continuity Management and the Business Continuity planning process.
  • Six stages of BCP life cycle and the deliverables.
BCP Process Stage 1 - Risk Management

Assess the threats of disaster, existing vulnerabilities, potential disaster impact, and risk controls options.

  • Introduction to risks, threats, exposures, impacts, and risk assessment methods.
  • Risk management method: risk assessment, risk control options assessment, risk controls, cost-benefit comparisons.
BCP Process Stage 2 - Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Identify mission critical business processes and their recovery requirements. Analyze the impact to business if these processes are interrupted.

  • Comparison of BIA and risk assessment.
  • BIA responsibilities.
  • Elements of a BIA: Maximum Tolerable Downtime (MTD), Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Work Backlog, and Data Loss.
  • Method for conducting a BIA.
  • BIA deliverables.
  • Example BIA report.
BCP Process Stage 3 - Business Continuity Strategy Development

Develop a Business Continuity Strategy for timely and cost-effective recovery from potential business disruptions.

  • Introduction to the Business Continuity Strategy.
  • Identification of recovery scope and requirements.
  • Identification of available recovery alternatives and options.
  • Cost-benefit assessment of available recovery options.
  • Recommendations for recovery service contracts.
BCP Process Stage 4 - Business Continuity Plan Development

Develop a document describing the plan for maintaining Business Continuity (BC).

  • Objective and scope of a BC Plan document.
  • Role of the BIA and BC strategy in a BC Plan.
  • Roles and responsibilities of BC Plan implementation teams.
  • BC Plan implementation phases: initial response and notification, problem assessment, disaster declaration, recovery and resumption, and restoration.
  • Tasks and procedures for each BC Plan implementation phase.
  • Crisis Communication Plan.
  • Emergency Response Plan.
  • Change control procedures for a BC plan.
BCP Process Stage 5 - Business Continuity Plan Testing

Validate the Business Continuity Plan.

  • Benefits of testing.
  • Types of testing methods.
  • Importance of a test plan.
  • Test plan content.
  • Method for developing a test plan.
BCP Process Stage 6 - Business Continuity Plan Maintenance

Maintain the Business Continuity Plan in a constantly ready state for implementation.

  • Importance of BC Plan maintenance.
  • Components of BC Plan maintenance: change management, periodic testing, regular training, and periodic auditing.
  • Deliverables from each component of BC Plan maintenance.
  • Recommendations for effective BC Plan change management.
Business Continuity Management:
  • Detailed overview of Business Continuity Management.
  • Relationship between Business Continuity Program phases and plan development.
  • Business Continuity and Resilience Program office.
  • Business Continuity Program audit methodology.
  • Purpose and scope of the BCP.
  • Introduction to a Business Continuity Program.
  • Business Continuity Program life cycle process.
  • Business Continuity Program management overview.
  • Need for a Business Continuity Audit.
  • Compliance rules, regulations, and standards.
  • Objectives of a Business Continuity Audit.
  • Scope of a Business Continuity Audit.
  • Types of Business Continuity Audits.
  • Comparison of internal and external audits.
  • Critical success factors.
  • Audit issues and challenges.
  • Audit methodology phases.
  • Establishing an internal Business Continuity Audit.
  • Comparison of active and passive audits.
  • Business Continuity Auditor’s role and responsibilities.
  • Business Continuity audit-related guidelines and standards (including Sarbanes-Oxley).
  • Business Continuity Audit Budget.
  • Business Continuity Audit Gap Analysis.
  • Assessing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery maturity levels.
  • Customizing audit examination approach.
  • Business Continuity Audit areas.
  • Detailed audit activities for each area.
  • Audit questionnaires and interviews.
  • Business Continuity Audit tools and templates.
  • Response analysis.
  • Recommendations.
  • Audit reporting guidelines.
  • Sample Business Continuity Audit case study.
  • Sample Business Continuity Audit case study exercises and questionnaires.

Part 2 of this course includes a sample case study of a Business Continuity Audit. Students will also learn about the known difficulties and challenges expected during a Business Continuity Audit. Students will receive Business Continuity Audit Plan take-home templates.


Course fee: US$1,995 special reduced COVID-19 price!! (including optional Certification testing and processing)


"On my initial contact with the BRCCI organization I asked a bunch of in depth questions about there Business Continuity educational program. The questions were answered, expeditiously, in detail, and with no pressure to hire their service. After comparing other organizations providing similar services, the BRCCI customer service division spoke for its self and the organization it represented. Their main goal seemed to be one of empowering the patrons interested in there educational based services. I signed up for the CBRM, and the CBRA certification classes through BRCCI because of this. The instructor not only covered the course material, but made it interesting and kept the students engaged by doing so. The instructor not only had a complete and thorough understanding of the material, but was able to introduce real world applications, events, and how the training would be applied under the numerous different scenarios presented to him by the students. BRCCI training gives you the tools to not only protect your company, and community, it gives you the tools that are applicable to protect and secure your family. BRCCI training strengthens your resume and employ ability I would recommend the services of BRCCI to anyone."

- Joel P. // CBRM, CBRA


"Being a seasoned Business Resiliency Professional responsible for locations throughout the United States & Canada, I highly recommend the training received over the past 2 years to experienced & novice Business Continuity Program. Both the CBRA (taken in 2013) & the CBRM (taken in 2012) training received were: very well structured, well delivered by experience/knowledge Business Continuity Professionals & very interactive - allowing learning opportunities from international participants. In addition, both I was provided valuable information & templates I currently use continue to use going forward. Thanks again for this great opportunity."

- Thomas H. // CBRM, CBRA


"I found the course to be extremely thorough. I left the course with a full understanding of the methodology behind the Business Continuity Life Cycle. We will be using the knowledge gained from this course as we restructure our own program. This course is a valuable tool to any professional within the BCP community."

- Elizabeth V. // MSSASS


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Once the registration and payment process is completed, you will receive two emails from us. The first email will be a receipt of the payment. The second email will provide a confirmation of your registration and detailed venue information. At the start of the training, you will receive the training materials. The optional exam will take place on the last day of the training.  The exam consists of multiple-choice questions. You will be notified of the results of the exam within two weeks.  Within two weeks after the training, you will receive:
1. A soft copy of the certificate for successfully passing the exam,
2. A letter of completion and CPEs earned.
A paper copy of the certificate is provided for an additional processing and shipping cost via courier services of USD 95 for shipment within North America, and USD 195 for shipment outside of North America.
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Once the registration and payment process is completed, you will receive two emails from us. The first email will be a receipt of the payment. The second email will provide a confirmation of your registration. The instructor will send you an online meeting invite prior to the date of the training. At the start of the training, you will receive soft-copies of the training materials. The optional virtual proctored exam will take place on the last day of the training.  The exam consists of multiple-choice questions. You will be notified of the results of the exam within two weeks.  Within two weeks after the training, you will receive:
1. A soft copy of the certificate for successfully passing the exam,
2. A letter of completion and CPEs earned.
A paper copy of the certificate is provided for an additional processing and shipping cost via courier services of USD 95 for shipment within North America, and USD 195 for shipment outside of North America.

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