BRCCI's membership highlights your commitment to the field of business continuity and disaster recovery management, and your commitment to advancing your profession in this field.  As a member you will become a part of an elite global network of professionals - who not only have a superior knowledge, skills, and experience, but also maintain a high ethical standards.

Our members include

Business continuity managers    IT DR managers and coordinators
Data Center staff and managers   Business continuity team members
IT DR consultants   Risk Management Professionals
Risk Management Professionals   Chief Information Officers
IT staff and managers   Facilities coordinators
Internal/External Auditors   IT DR Auditors
IT project managers    


Our members play vital roles for businesses in protecting their critical infrastructures and services from disasters and unexpected events. In today's competitive and changing global economy, we provide our members with the recognition of their capabilities and the support they need to achieve their career goals and objectives.


 If you already have a membership, please proceed to the "Member" page.
To become a certified member, visit the "Certification Overview" page. To apply for an associate or academic membership, submit the "Membership" application. 


BRCCI Membership

BRCCI memberships are in three categories: Certified Members, Associate Members, and Academic Members.


Certified members are those who currently hold one or more of BRCCI credentials such as CBRM, CBRITP, CBRA, and MABR. This membership is automatically assigned upon receiving a credential.


Associate members are those professionals who do not hold any BRCCI credentials but are either active or have interest in the field of business continuity and disaster recovery.

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Academic membership is intended for students or members of academia with an interest in business continuity and disaster recovery.

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