“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like quality Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery training.”

Ben B., // ADP Inc

BRCCI ISO 9001 certified

Our mission is to deliver world-class training and certification programs focused on management and planning of business continuity and IT disaster recovery.

We provide internationally recognized business continuity, IT disaster recovery training and certification services.

We are committed to ensuring all professionals, trained and certified through our program, have the essential know-how and qualifications to develop effective, mature, and reliable business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans.

We understand that you need a training and certification program based on the highest industry standards and best practices with a focus on Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Planning.

We realise you require the essential know-how and qualifications to develop effective, thorough, and reliable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Processes.

We invite you to join over 3000 certified professionals, from across the globe, who have successfully completed one or more of our training and certification programs.

Professional Certification
Our professional certification program is offered to the professionals in the field of business continuity and IT disaster recovery. This program provides a complete certification track – with credentials that recognize knowledge, expertise and qualifications in BC and IT-DR.

Training Program
Our training program provides in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and insight for developing and managing business continuity plans, IT DR plans, and BC/DR program audit.

Program Certification
Our program certification service includes in-depth reviews and assessments of business continuity and IT DR plans and programs with respect to compliance with the industry standards, guidelines, and best practices.

BRCCI ISO 9001 certified

The organization of BRCCI has four levels: management team, program advisory committee, regional/country representatives, and accredited members group.

Management Team

The core management team consists of highly dedicated and qualified individuals who provide business and operational support. The senior members of the staff include

  • Dr. Akhtar Syed, Ph.D., MABR, CBRM, CBRITP, CBRA, CISSP.
  • Richard Wellman, CBCP, MBCI, CRP, CBRM, CBRITP, CBRA, CHS3, 4, 5.
  • Gaur Bhatt, B.Com, CBRM, CBRITP.
  • Precy Mortel, BA, CBRM.
  • Jonathan Tetzlaff, CISSP, CBRM, MBCI.
  • Andrew Miller, CBRM, MABR.
  • Zakir Mahmood, CBRM, CBRITP.

Program Advisory Committee

The program advisory committee has the role of providing guidance on the strategic matters and directions within BRCCI. The committee has the objective to ensure that a high standard is maintained for all programs and credentials offered by BRCCI. The members of the committee include

  • John McFall, CBRM, CBRA
  • Michael Juergensen, CBCP, CBRM, CBRA.
  • Jeff Alvich, MBA, BS, CBRM.
  • Thomas Hallett, BS, AD, CBRM, CBRA.
  • Brett Ramirez, CBRM, CBRITP.
  • Jim Marchetti, CBRM, CBRA, PCP, AA.
  • Jim Kennedy, MRP, MBCI, CEH, CSI-IV, CRISC.
  • Almas Dhanani, CBRA.

Regional/Country Representatives

The role of regional representatives is to provide local representations for BRCCI for the regions or countries where they reside. Their role also includes fostering and promoting the field of business continuity, resiliency and IT disaster recovery within their localities. The following are the regional/country representatives:

  • Carlos Delgado (Mexico and South America)
  • Del Aden (UK and Africa)
  • Hussam Hindiyeh – Kuwait (Middle East)
  • Sudhir Thadani – New Delhi, India
  • Nurzhan Kulbayev – Kazakhstan
  • Fitzroy Roswell – Kingston, Jamaica (Caribbean)
  • Corte Gibbons – Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Georgios Gropetis – France
  • Elsa A. Velasquez – Philippine
  • Fernando Marinholsa – Brazil


  • INTERGIA (Mexico and South America) is our key affiliate who is responsible for providing BRCCI’s business continuity and IT disaster recovery services in Mexico and South America.
  • North Star Recovery Services Inc. (North America) offers services that are complementary to BRCCI’s services. NORTH STAR provides timely urgent recovery response to disaster events.
  • Delta3 International (London, Accra, and Lagos) is our key affiliate who works closely with BRCCI to provide business continuity and IT disaster recovery services to the organization in UK and Africa.

Accredited Members Group

This group includes all members who have been awarded accreditation by BRCCI. At present, BRCCI has over 3000 accredited members across the globe.
We are committed to:

  • Global dissemination of business resilience information, knowledge, skills, and competencies through educational and training conferences, courses, workshops, seminars and materials, either online or printed.
  • Development, maintenance, and administration of qualification programs.
  • Certification of individuals in the field of business resilience through a recognized, credible, credentialing program.
  • Business resilience research and development activities that ensure continued competency development of members and a high quality of service provided by members.
  • Nurturing a high standard of ethical and professional educational and training practice.
  • Advancement and promotion of a global business resilience profession through an open education and qualification process.
  • Uniting members of the business resilience profession.
  • Sharing business resilience information and knowledge for the mutual benefit of members and the business world in general.
Code of Professional Ethics and Responsibilities

BRCCI recognizes the importance of a high standard of conduct provided by its professionals. BRCCI therefore sets the following policy of professional ethics and responsibilities for its members:

  • Members will display a high standard of integrity, competence, and ethics;
  • Members will perform their duties with a high degree of professional care, due diligence, and with respect for clients;
  • Members will maintain client affairs in strict confidence, and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained during the course of their duties;
  • Members will strive to continuously enhance and improve their skills and knowledge in the field by undertaking activities related to the field; and
  • Members will strive to promote and advance the profession.

“I enjoyed the CBRM class so much I want to send one of my team members.”

Andy Anton // CISSP, C|CISO, Director, Security, Compliance and Audit | LenderLive Network Inc.

“This course was one of the most valuable and pertinent that I have taken in my 35 years of service!”

Larry M. // Facilities Director, CalSTRS.

“Just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic training session last week in San Francisco! The course covered exactly what I was hoping it would, and I only wish I had taken it sooner.”

Barbara D. // MBA, ARM, CBRM, Risk Manager, TAP Pharmaceutical

“The course exceeded my expectations. I feel much more confident now about making the decisions that lay in front of me than I did prior to taking the course.”

CHS III // CEH., CBRM, Director – Information Security, Access Group Inc.

“I’ve worked in Business Continuity nine years and this is the first course I’ve taken that contains a methodology that is clear and concise. The course stepped us through the planning process and incorporated industry standards, regulations and best practices in a context that was comprehensive and easy to understand.”

Carolyn B. // Schwab Ops BCP

“This is one of the best courses I have taken in my 30+ years in Information Technology. The course was very organized and informative. The instructor did an outstanding job explaining the material and keeping the class interested with student participation and real-life experiences. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like quality Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery training.”

Ben B., // ADP Inc.

“I found the course to be extremely thorough. I left the course with a full understanding of the methodology behind the Business Continuity Life Cycle. We will be using the knowledge gained from this course as we restructure our own program. This course is a valuable tool to any professional within the BCP community.”

Elizabeth V // MSS

“The course was presented in a logical, even paced format by an instructor who took the time to understand your environment and how BCP would relate to you. Thoroughly enjoyed the class.”

Steven Ruffolo // Technical Lead | Veritiv Corporation

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